I’m going to return my hire car later than agreed. Is this OK?

We understand you might get delayed, so we try to be flexible. If you’re running late or need to extend your car rental, please make sure you contact us as soon as possible. Should you return the vehicle late – without notifying us or extending your hire – you may be subject to a late return fee. If you fail to extend the rental and you are more than 29 minutes late returning the vehicle, your rental will be extended and you will be charged an extra day’s rental at current pay at location prices plus a late return processing fee for each day or part of a day until the vehicle is returned.

If you overrun past your agreed return date and time, you will incur a late return fee. If you still haven’t returned the vehicle 24 hours later, then another late return fee will be applied. A late return fee will continue to be added every 24 hour period thereafter, until you return the vehicle to the rental station.

Depending on the country of rental, the daily late return fee will be (inclusive of VAT): £15.00/CHF 20.00/150.00 (DKR, NKR or SKR)/ Between €15 and €18.60 (country dependent) or the equivalent amount in local currency.


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